A Little Surprise

Taste the World

Dunfermline is – perhaps – the last place one might expect to find a restaurant that brings together the beauty of Scotland’s natural larder with the richness of Asian or Iberian cuisine, but…

Tucked away beside the entrance to Pittencrieff Park stands Jack ‘O’ Bryan’s – a kitchen and bar that marries the finest Scottish produce with the flavours and fragrances of the world.

Our Ethos

PromOting Scotland

Our aim is simple: to champion the very best produce from here in Scotland and to marry it with flavours, fragrances and textures from around the world.

It is the combination of fresh ingredients – from the farm, from the fields and hedgerows, and from the sea – balanced by the subtle flavours of herbs and spices that enliven and accentuate the beauty and diversity of Scotland’s natural larder.

The waters that surround Fife have long been the staple of the Scottish fishing industry. From its cold waters immense harvests of crab, lobster and prawns have provided for communities that dot the coastline and beyond. Yet from these villages the fishermen of Fife would travel into the North Sea to gather bream, cod, haddock, herring, mackerel, plaice and sole.

Our fishmongers draw on this rich heritage to source the best fish from Scotland’s rivers, lochs and seas. The moment that the fishing boats unload their catch, our fishmongers select sides of cod, fillets of seabass and whole lobster for our exclusive use.

A family affair

Meet Jack & Bryan

Our dishes reflect the experiences and passions of our father and son chef-proprietors, Bryan and Jack Coghill.

Originally from Brechin, Bryan has spent over two decades living in Portugal and in Spain. There, alongside his wife, Michelle, he established a chain of restaurants throughout the Iberian peninsula. Armed with a wealth of knowledge, he returned to Scotland determined to impart his love of Iberian cuisine onto the people of his homeland.

But this love of flavour and texture, of fragrance and spice, extended beyond Iberia. Bryan found further inspiration in the cuisine of the Middle East and Far East. The blend of herbs and spices draw out the flavours of meats, seafoods and vegetables to create a culinary experience full of excitement and passion.

That excitement and passion was passed down to his son, Jack. Following in his father’s footsteps, Jack recognised that the same combination of Scottish produce and global flavours could be used in carefully-constructed desserts and pastries.

With that in mind, Jack trained as a pastry chef, working under the award-winning Mark Tilling, to hone his craft.  In 2018, Jack was identified as one of the most promising young chefs in the country and was featured on the “30 under 30” list alongside Tommy Banks and Ruth Hansom.

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